The Commuter’s Special

Don’t have time for a full yoga set?
Try The Commuter’s Special!
In 15-20 minutes you’ll be ready to go!

This class was taught during the UCLA series at the Melrose Ashram, 1971.

Sit straight, in Easy Pose.
Hands in Prayer Pose at the heart center.
Eyes rolled up to the 3rd Eye Point, between the eyebrows, at the root of the nose.
Tune in.

Neck Rolls

Sit in Easy Pose, spine very straight. Elbows locked with hands on the knees. Let your head fall forward, chin to chest. Breathe only through the nose.
As you inhale, circle your head to the left, over your shoulder, until your chin is pointing up. As you exhale, continue circling past your right shoulder until your chin comes back to the chest. Continue 30 seconds.
Reverse direction. 30 seconds. – (1 min.)

Cat Cow

On your hands and knees. Knees are a few inches apart. Feet about a foot apart. Palms flat under the shoulders.
Breathing through the nose; as you inhale, drop your stomach down and raise your head up at the same time. This is Cow.
As you exhale, arch your spine like a cat, tuck in your chin and pull in on the navel. This is Cat.
Continue smoothly and rhythmically, breathing very powerfully. – 1 min.
Inhale to Cow. Exhale to Cat. Inhale to center.

Yoga Mudra

Sit on your heels. Interlace your fingers behind your back, right thumb on top. Raise your arms as high as you can and lean forward until your forehead touches the floor. Long, slow, deep breathing through the nose. Focus at the 3rd eye point. Keep raising the arms. – 5 min.

Maha Mudra

Sit with the legs straight, heels together. Reach forward and grab the big toes, (ankles, shins, knees…as far forward as you can reach!) Inhale deep and begin Breath of Fire. Relax forward more and more as you continue Breath of Fire. – 2 min.

Corpse Pose

Lie on your back. Heels together. Hands by the sides. Palms up. Completely relax the body while deepening and slowing the breath to the navel. – 1 min.

Bow Pose

Come on to your stomach. Chin on the ground. Bend the knees. Reach back and grab your ankles. Inhale and arch up. Try to keep your feet and knees together. Head up!
It is good to smile during Bow Pose.
Inhale and begin Breath of Fire. Lift up! – 1 min.

Front Corpse Pose

Rest on the stomach, head to the side, feet touching, hands by the sides, palms up. Slow, deep breath. – 1 min

Plow Pose

Come on to your back. Feet together. Palms facing down, by your sides. Inhale. As you exhale, lift your feet and legs up and over, until your toes touch the ground behind your head. Toes curl under. Inhale and begin Breath of Fire. – 1 min.

Corpse Pose – Long Deep Breathing – 1 min


Come squatting on your fingertips and toes. Balls of the feet and the heels are together. Head is level.
As you inhale, raise your buttocks up and let your forehead come down to the knees, chin to the chest.
Exhale back into a squat, head level.
Continue rapidly with a deep breath through the nose. – 1 min.

Without a break…

Sat Kriya

Sit on your heels.
Clasp your hands in Venus Lock. Interlace the fingers, starting with the right thumb on top.
Extend the index fingers.
Raise the arms, straight over the head, no bend in the elbows, hugging the ears.
Chin tucked in. Hands clasped tight. Index fingers pointing up.
Eyes rolled up to the 3rd Eye Point at the center of the forehead.

Inhale a deep breath.
Begin Sat Kriya.

Pronounce, “SAT” and pull your navel in to the spine. Your shoulders should naturally raise. Keep your chin tucked in and elbows hugging the ears.
Send all your energy up the spine and out the fingertips.
Release the navel and pronounce, “NAM”. (Sounds like, “But, mom!”)
Continue out loud, at the rate of about 1 repetition every 2 seconds. The breath will take care of itself. – 1 min.

Corpse Pose – 1 min.

Completely stretch out of Corpse Pose.
Grab your knees and rock on your spine about 10 times.
Sit up.
Shake your hands and feet.

Head off to that commute!


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