Snack Time!

Here is a quick, tasty snack, using only 5 ingredients, that will be completely devoured in a matter of minutes! Make more than you think you’ll need! While I was AWOL from sevadar duty in LA, I was privileged to cook for one of the Winter Interim Programs in Espanola. The children were off from […]

The Commuter’s Special

Don’t have time for a full yoga set? Try The Commuter’s Special! In 15-20 minutes you’ll be ready to go! This class was taught during the UCLA series at the Melrose Ashram, 1971. Sit straight, in Easy Pose. Hands in Prayer Pose at the heart center. Eyes rolled up to the 3rd Eye Point, between […]

Freaky/Fidgety Friday?

Freaky/Fidgety Friday? Came to work and find yourself stalking the clock? Going for another cuppa…and another, and another? Already finished your energy drink, green tea and half your lunch? Constantly refreshing email, in hopes of confirmation for that After Hours release? Restarted the computer twice, thinking that would help? Running an antivirus scan, “just in […]

Quick Brain Hemisphere Balance

YOGA QUICKY This is really simple and will put your energy back into balance. Try it when you have to concentrate and stay centered. We simply call this, ‘Cross Crawls’. Stand up. Hands by sides. As you inhale through the nose, raise the left knee and right arm. The right arm comes across the body […]

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