Meditation & Mantra

There is a science and technology to the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Enjoy this video lecture by Yogi Bhajan. He talks about locking the optical nerve to achieve a focused mind. One can lock the eyes between the brow, at the tip of the nose or at the chin.

Aligning the Soul, body and mind through this method allows the subconscious mind to release negative thoughts. Mantra (sacred prayers) permeates and transforms negative thoughts.

Clearing your subconscious daily will allow your intuition to guide your intelligence. It will also eliminate your need to dream at night!

There are two ways to live life. You can magnetize yourself, all will come to you and the Universal Mind will serve you. Or, you can chase everything.

When our ego blocks our identity and our essence, there is not enough money and not enough time. A regular meditation practice allows us to cleanse our reactive mind and live in peace and clarity.

Life is a working challenge, clear and cleanse daily!


  1. sammy0403 says:

    excellent video..
    Great insight about meditation

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