Kundalini Yoga Mala Meditation

Ayurvedic Mala

Ayurvedic Mala

The Early Days

In October, 1972, Yogi Bhajan was a guest speaker at a conference at Cornell University; “The World is Hard to Find: A Symposium on the┬áDestiny of World Community and of Mankind”.

His first comment was, “The world isn’t hard to find. It surrounds us.”

I’ve never forgotten his words on meditation.
At that time, Biofeedback was a recent discussion in the world’s scientific community.

“You want Biofeedback?” as he picked up a wooden mala.
“There is a nerve at the side of the first digit of each finger which relates to a meridian that goes up the arm to the brain.”
“The index finger is for Knowledge.”
“The middle finger is for Patience, Work and Wisdom.”
“The ring finger is for the Sun. It brings you Energy.”
“The pinkie is for Communication.”
“The thumb is the Ego, reaching up to each of these.”

He then gave a simple meditation that can be practised while sitting formally, or any time; walking, at the movies, in front of the TV.

Choose the aspect/finger you want to work on.
Pick up a mala. It can be simple wood beads or fancy gemstones; a 26 bead wrist set or 108 bead necklace.

The meditation is SA TA NA MA, spoken out loud. There was no tune given.

Start at the first bead next to the Guru Bead.
Use 2 beads per repetition.
Come up the first bead on ‘SA’ and down the other side on ‘TA’.
Come up the 2nd bead on ‘NA’ and down the other side on ‘MA’.

Continue around the beads.

When you reach the Guru Bead, turn the mala around and continue.
No mantra is done on the Guru Bead, nor do you cross over the bead. That bead is left for itself, for the Guru.

Continue for 11-31 minutes.

Push hard!
Roll the bead over the meridian point as you go over the mala. Stimulate that point.

Don’t change fingers during one session. Pick a finger and stick to it.

If you want to stimulate the habit of one of the attributes, practice on the same finger for 31 minutes a day, for at least 40 days.

After all these years, the SA TA NA MA meditation in any form, has proven to be one of the finest!

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