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Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

The meditation we’re suggesting today is an advanced one, not for beginners. This meditation works with the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the master gland controlling the other glands. Mastering this meditation will increase intuition and the pranic powers. Start at 31 minutes a day and expand to 62 ┬áminutes.

Straighten the spine and focus the eyes at the tip of the nose. They eyes are 9/10 closed (very important detail). Place the left hand in gyan mudra (thumb and index finger together). The thumb and index finger of the right hand will be used to block the nostrils, one at a time.

Use the right thumb and block the right nostril. Slowly inhale through the left nostril. As you inhale you will repeat a mantra while pumping the navel point. Mentally repeat WHA HE GURU (Wha Hey Guroo) 16 times while pumping the navel on every sylable (total of 48 pumps per cycle.

Unblock the right nostril, block the left nostril and slowly exhale through the right nostril.

Repeat for 31 to 62 minutes. When finished, inhaled and hold for five to ten seconds.

The video below is from one of Yogi Bhajan’s classes. We were fortunate to be at this class when it was taught. In this variation, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, Yogi Bhajan begins with the left nostril. He gives an incredible description of the mantra, ‘Wha He Guru’.

He says that Wha is a water sound. He -is the word for God and is a fire sound. Guru, is the sound of light. It shatters the limitlessness of human thought. Alchemically, we are mixing water, fire and light in this process, which he says creates Ether.

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