How to Make Ghee

ghee_spbkThe medical industry tells us that Butter is high in cholesterol and can clog the arteries.
Change that! Make it into Ghee.
Ghee is just the oil of Butter, without the impurities that can be detrimental to the health.

Ghee is very easy to make.
Here are 2 methods to turn Butter into Ghee.

To start, please purchase UNSALTED Butter. You want to be the one in control of your salt intake, not the dairy.

We usually do about 4 lb of Butter at a time.
You will need a large stainless steel pot. We use one with a 2 gallon capacity for the 4 pounds.

Put the pot on the stove on High, and start unwrapping the Butter sticks. Throw them in the pot.
As the Butter melts, the first thing you will hear is the water boiling out. This can be fairly loud.

It will start to turn creamy and foamy. Watch it! As it gets hotter, the whole thing could rise in the pot!
You need to stay by the stove and stir it down. Keep a long handled, stainless spoon handy and stir occasionally.

While the water is boiling away, every so often, and maybe not this time, there can be what I call, a “blort”. This is when the water steams up like a caldera, and can shoot Butter as high as the ceiling! In my experience, it is almost guaranteed to happen if you leave the stove. Instead, stir.

When most of the water is gone, the sound will change and the temperature will rise from boiling. What you are looking for is the separation of the creamy colored impurites from the clear oil. You’ll see little flakes forming in the now visible oil. Let it continue to cook until it starts forming bubbles on top.

WATCH! The temperature is still rising! You are getting near frying temperature.

At this point, you want to monitor the pot carefully. When the bubbles start rising in the pot. TURN IT OFF!
Even after turning it off, stir until it stops rising. If you don’t pay attention, it can go right over the top and into places you can’t imagine. You really don’t want that kind of oily mess.

If you let the new Ghee sit for a few minutes, the majority of the impurities will sink to the bottom and turn brown. There may be a small amount of foam on the top. Scrape that off and discard it.
The color should be a lovely, clear, golden yellow.

Let it cool a while and pour the fresh Ghee into a stainless or glass container. You can store this on a shelf. There is no need for refrigeration. Ghee has the property that it solidifies at room temperature and melts at body temperature. It can be heated up to about 400 before starting to smoke. It is excellent for frying at 350.

I had said I have 2 methods to make Ghee.
I learned this from Govinda’s Restaurant in Los Angeles, from a time when we didn’t have fancy electronic stoves.
They used to take LOTS of Butter, put it in a big pot and sit it on top of the Pilot Light all night. Next morning, it would be Ghee. No stirring. No high heat.
If you have an old stove that still uses a Pilot Light, give it a try.

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