Got Energy?

Breath of Fire is a fundamental Kundalini Yoga exercise.

We’re excited to review a Kundalini Yoga flipchart made by Gurutej. The easy to use flipbook includes Breath of Fire, Sitali Breath, Thymus Thump, plus 13 other life enhancing and stress reduction programs.

The exercises take no more than three minutes and can re-charge your day and improve your mental focus. Many of these exercises can be done in a work environment when necessary.

The above picture shows Breath of Fire. This Kundalini Yoga exercise is excellent for rejuvenating and energizing. The basic breath is combined with many other exercises in the science of Kundalini Yoga.

Spinal Flex, which can be done seated at a desk, takes one to two minutes to relieve lower back tension and enhance the flow of spinal fluid to the brain.

Gurutej has been a life-long student of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga. Her intuitive insight give her a unique advantage. She has presented what we all need, the key to having more energy. You can contact this senior level instructor at The Energy Gurus or call 310.734.6776.

We would also suggest following a gluten free vegetarian diet for more energy and getting some great Vitamin D from the Sun.

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