Freaky/Fidgety Friday?

Freaky/Fidgety Friday?

Came to work and find yourself stalking the clock?
Going for another cuppa…and another, and another?
Already finished your energy drink, green tea and half your lunch?
Constantly refreshing email, in hopes of confirmation for that After Hours release?
Restarted the computer twice, thinking that would help?
Running an antivirus scan, “just in case…”?

Come on!
Cut it out!

Granted, it IS Friday.
But, YOU don’t have to FRY!

Stop trying to jump out of your skin.
Next time you get up from your seat, stand up and stretch!
REALLY stretch!
Reach for the heavens, tiptoes to fingertips.
Jump INTO your skin!
Still stretching, take 5 full breaths, all the way down to your navel point.
On the exhale, squeeze the navel in to your spine.
At the end, shake your hands and arms down to your side.

Walk away.

Remember water?
Surprise yourself with a gift of 3 (count them, 1 – 2 – 3) glasses of water.
DRINK the water.

Walk for 3 minutes.
Walk to the rest room.
Release as much of that water as you can.
Promise yourself to come back later, as necessity dictates.

Before leaving the relative privacy of the rest room, sit straight. Tuck in your chin.
Put your palms together in Prayer Pose, palms flat together at the heart center, root of the thumbs against the breastbone.
Close your eyes. Focus at the 3rd eye point in the center of your forehead.
Consciously slow your breath through your nose. Try to NOT feel the movement of the air in your nostrils.
Try to breathe one full inhale and exhale in one minute. Dedicate 30 seconds to each part of the breath.
You may not make it the full 60 seconds. That’s OK!
Just breathe as slowly and deeply as you can.

3 minutes, and you are good to go!
Release the breath. Release the posture.

Rinse your face, neck, arms, hands and any other exposed skin with cold water.
Comb your hair.
Comb it again!

Looking good?
Give thanks and get out there!

Turn your day from “Freaky/Fidgety” to “Finely Efficient”!


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