Kundalini Yoga Mala Meditation

The Early Days In October, 1972, Yogi Bhajan was a guest speaker at a conference at Cornell University; “The World is Hard to Find: A Symposium on the Destiny of World Community and of Mankind”. His first comment was, “The world isn’t hard to find. It surrounds us.” I’ve never forgotten his words on meditation. At […]

Tantric Meditation

  Yogi Bhajan referred to this meditation as a Tantric Meditation. Pumping the navel point will allow you to move blocked emotional energy. We suggest 11 minutes for beginners and expand to 31 minutes.   To Begin: Sit in easy pose with your hands in Gyan Mudra (thumb and index finger meet at tips). Focus your […]

Kriya for Health and Vitality

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya The meditation we’re suggesting today is an advanced one, not for beginners. This meditation works with the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the master gland controlling the other glands. Mastering this meditation will increase intuition and the pranic powers. Start at 31 minutes a day and expand to 62  minutes. Straighten […]

Meditation & Mantra

There is a science and technology to the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Enjoy this video lecture by Yogi Bhajan. He talks about locking the optical nerve to achieve a focused mind. One can lock the eyes between the brow, at the tip of the nose or at the chin. Aligning the Soul, body and mind […]

The Kundalini Yoga Experience

“The kundalini experience does not mean you have gone into a deep breathless trance and are beyond this world…It integrates you more fully with reality and gives you a broader vision and sensitivity so that you can act more efficiently.” –Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. If we could only recommend one book about the art and science […]

Depth of Diaphragm Lock

Greetings on this midsummer day, Something changed this morning. At the end of the Laya Yoga meditation, I’ve been doing 3 deep breaths with Mulhbandh on the held inhale and Mahabandh on the held exhale. This time, all 3 exhales, the diaphragm lock got “deeper”. When I pulled in and up, there was a little […]

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