Kriya for Health and Vitality

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya The meditation we’re suggesting today is an advanced one, not for beginners. This meditation works with the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the master gland controlling the other glands. Mastering this meditation will increase intuition and the pranic powers. Start at 31 minutes a day and expand to 62 ┬áminutes. Straighten […]

Got Energy?

We’re excited to review a Kundalini Yoga flipchart made by Gurutej. The easy to use flipbook includes Breath of Fire, Sitali Breath, Thymus Thump, plus 13 other life enhancing and stress reduction programs. The exercises take no more than three minutes and can re-charge your day and improve your mental focus. Many of these exercises […]

40 Days!

Greetings, I’ve just impressed myself. Haven’t done a 40 day sadhana in decades. This morning is “960 Days Until the End Time”. Cool, huh? Nabhi Kriya is getting much smoother. I can be relatively stunned and tired in the morning and somehow, those legs start lifting. Sometimes takes up to 8 minutes to clear the […]

Laya Yoga Magic 31 minutes

Much has happened in this little sadhana. Today is day 29 since the last 1,000 days before the End Time. Day 40 looks a lot more reachable! Nabhi Kriya has passed the, “Ooh! I really don’t want to do it!” stage. It still takes a while to get in gear. Once I hit the sheepskin, […]

Meditation, Breath and the Ribcage

Interesting today. Got started about an hour late. Nabhi Kriya is getting more fluid in movement. The fine tuning, like CLOSING THE EYES (let alone focusing on the 3rd Eye…), checking the clock after 2 minutes KNOWING there’s 13 minutes to go, and the general babble from all joints and muscles actively participating in the […]

Another chance this morning

Got back into it early. Getting the stuffy nose to open was the first thing. Fiddle with the clock when you just moved it. Even kept a light on so I wouldn’t fiddle with the clock and flashlight. Right. The muscles got into it much quicker. Even the 3rd Eye started letting my eyes roll […]

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