3 Kundalini Yoga Tips for Monday Mornings

Here are 3 simple yogic things you can do to change your energy around work on Monday morning.

Kundalini Yoga at Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is the traditional gathering time for Kundalini Yoga teachers and practitioners. My first Summer Solstice was in 1977, a year after I had moved into the New Haven, CT ashram. This was the first year we all gathered on the land known as Ram Das Puri. We set up our tents out past […]

The Kundalini Yoga Experience

“The kundalini experience does not mean you have gone into a deep breathless trance and are beyond this world…It integrates you more fully with reality and gives you a broader vision and sensitivity so that you can act more efficiently.” –Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. If we could only recommend one book about the art and science […]

Got Energy?

We’re excited to review a Kundalini Yoga flipchart made by Gurutej. The easy to use flipbook includes Breath of Fire, Sitali Breath, Thymus Thump, plus 13 other life enhancing and stress reduction programs. The exercises take no more than three minutes and can re-charge your day and improve your mental focus. Many of these exercises […]

Second 40 Days

My! That actually went quick. Cold weather moves things right along. So, I think Nabhi Kriya is good. I don’t have a 6 pack. I have lost weight…! My digestion is awesome! I don’t find myself wanting to eat very late, because of rising so early. So, by the time I’m into the WC in […]

40 Days!

Greetings, I’ve just impressed myself. Haven’t done a 40 day sadhana in decades. This morning is “960 Days Until the End Time”. Cool, huh? Nabhi Kriya is getting much smoother. I can be relatively stunned and tired in the morning and somehow, those legs start lifting. Sometimes takes up to 8 minutes to clear the […]

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