Freaky/Fidgety Friday?

Freaky/Fidgety Friday? Came to work and find yourself stalking the clock? Going for another cuppa…and another, and another? Already finished your energy drink, green tea and half your lunch? Constantly refreshing email, in hopes of confirmation for that After Hours release? Restarted the computer twice, thinking that would help? Running an antivirus scan, “just in […]

Stress? Who’s Got Stress?

This comes from the Summer that KWTC and just about everything else going on, were STRESSFUL. That was the lovely time when the Siri Singh Sahib recommended the simplest thing: [amazon_link id=”B000LQL9M6″ target=”_blank” ]Rose Water![/amazon_link] “1 ounce of Rose Water in 6 ounces of Water first thing in the morning. Takes your stress. Gives you […]

Foods for Health

This quick video discusses how to create protien in a vegan diet. For us, we like to make smoothies out of hemp seed, bananas and pineapple/coconut juice.

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