Autumn Update Nabhi Kriya

Well, I guess I missed posting in August. It was hot, even in the mornings. I know I was practicing…seem to have entered dreamtime for a while.

I understand why so many martial arts studios give you a 3 – 4 month trial. If you’re good, you’ll get your yellow belt. If you’re committed, you’ll get into it and move into another realm of learning. If not, this is about the time you’ll drop away.
Seems to be true for many committed activities. Walking, running, exercise and workouts at the gym, after about 3 months, all seem to either go by the way or get energized for the long haul. Let us pray we can keep up.

Nabhi Kriya has become somewhat “rote”. Leg lifts start on their own and I can be half asleep through the first few minutes. I still crack a sweat somewhere in the middle of the double leg lifts. Sometimes, I even get energized to deepen and expand my breath. Clogged nostrils in the morning, seems to come with the territory. The fun is that my “mind” is getting a little quieter during these times.

Physically, I’ve lost weight (commentable!) and have a feeling of tightness at the belly. THAT is unusual. Only time I ever felt that was after the Marine Physical Fitness Tests Sit-Ups of high school, when all it did was hurt for 3 days.

Too bad all these physical fitness experts haven’t discovered Kundalini Yoga. For example, did you know that we have different kinds of sweat? Some you wash off after yoga/exercise, some you massage back in. Do some research. The Teachings are being published online, as we speak.

Oh, I’m suppposed to be relating about Nabhi Kriya….
I’ve found that those little things, like the ankle twisting as the legs extend, middle of the back on the right gets a twinge, right side muscles bigger than left side makes for tighter joints and clicking. The list goes on. My, how we want to relate to our Subtle Body!

So, I guess we don’t re-adjust to “normalcy” as fast as a good chiropractic crack, but this slow and steady is definitely working….There are days I actually feel POSITIVE and my body keeps up. Others, I can sleep 12 hours…only time is involved with that one, and there are a few other things to do in the day.

Dear Ones, I hope you are enjoying my little yoga biography. May you be inspired, too.



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