3 Kundalini Yoga Tips for Monday Mornings

Here you are, walking into work after a fantastic weekend. Hiked and biked for two days. Cleaned the yard to seasonal perfection. Finally moved all that stuff out and into the garage. Partied out of town with your best friends, overeating and over-shopping. Partied IN town, overeating and over-shopping. In essence, you had so much FUN doing something out of the ordinary, you just can’t quite get to the idea of ‘WORK’ on Monday morning.

Admit it, no matter how good you look, you are in the “Monday Morning Blahs”.

Here are 3 simple yogic things you can do to change your energy around work on Monday morning.


1. Bless and drink at least a pint of water. Then, go to the bathroom and release whatever is in your bladder.

Wash your hands and then switch to cold. Rinse from your fingertips to as high up to your elbows as you can.

Rub the cold water in for a moment. Let it flow on your wrists for a bit longer than you want.

If you can, rinse your face in cold water at least 3 times.

Dry your arms and face and run the wet towel over your neck and throat.

See if you are in the same space you were a few minutes ago.


2. Take 2-4 minutes to re-center:

Sit with your spine straight and hold ‘Bear Grip’ at the heart center. The left hand is in front of the heart, palm out. Right palm faces the heart. Curl the fingers in to grasp each other in a fist. Close your eyes and focus at the third eye point.

Ideally, inhale, pull on the hands and begin Breath of Fire. Pull on the hands and do Breath of Fire for at least 1 minute.

If you can’t do Breath of Fire, just pull and deepen your breath. Continue up to 3 minutes.

Do 3 good inhales and exhales at the end. Continue to pull. Pull hard!

At the end, sit for one more minute, hands comfortable in your lap. Center and slow your breath.

One last deep inhale. Stretch up as high as you can and hold.

As you exhale, shake your hands rapidly, moving them back down to your lap.

Open your eyes and look at Monday feeling refreshed, with the courage of a Bear.


3. You don’t need a lot of room for this one, but you may need a quiet place, unless your coworkers know you’re a yogi.

Stand up and bend forward, grasping the ankles tight.


Walk all over.

If you have little room, walk in place.

Keep changing direction and walk.

This is, “Elephant Walk”. Your blood is totally circulating to the head and back, pumped by your movement.

Continue for 1 – 3 minutes.


Elephant Walk back to your starting place.

When you inhale up, be slow and deliberate. Don’t lose your focus.

Continue to stretch above your head, until your stretching fingers pull you up on your toes. Stretch straight up and inhale and exhale 3 times, in the stretch.

Relax the arms down.

Still standing, shake your arms and legs rapidly. Shake off the negative effects of the weekend!

One last inhale.


Exhale, and see if you aren’t ready to start the day!

Try one or all 3 of these suggestions to help you break out of those Monday Morning Blahs.

In a few minutes you can be fresh and ready to go.


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