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Depth of Diaphragm Lock

Greetings on this midsummer day, Something changed this morning. At the end of the Laya Yoga meditation, I’ve been doing 3 deep breaths with Mulhbandh on the held inhale and Mahabandh on the held exhale. This time, all 3 exhales, the diaphragm lock got “deeper”. When I pulled in and up, there was a little […]

Curiouser and Curiouser

Friday morning, as I stood up to do the last exercise of Nabhi Kriya, I ducked my head twice. Once, to avoid hitting the ceiling beam and once to avoid hitting the lightbulb. ~ SAT NAM ~

Laya Yoga – Round 2 Update

Greetings as we head into the ‘Monsoons’ of Southern California. A month ago, frost in the morning. Now, we’re already into the Summer “Monsoon” weather, and, yes, though Southern California, 6700+ ft altitude is colder than Southwest Canada. Weather aside, Laya Yoga, done correctly, is a brand new learning process. At times, I find myself […]

Laya Yoga, Like Starting Over

Having achieved 90 days since starting, I reviewed all the details I could find on Laya Yoga. The manual I had used for my original intent had incomplete information on the physical process. I went back to the Sadhana Manual and found a complete explanation of the process of Laya Yoga. I have been applying […]

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