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Laya Yoga Magic 31 minutes

Much has happened in this little sadhana. Today is day 29 since the last 1,000 days before the End Time. Day 40 looks a lot more reachable! Nabhi Kriya has passed the, “Ooh! I really don’t want to do it!” stage. It still takes a while to get in gear. Once I hit the sheepskin, […]

Flexible Solidity

Good morning, Both the yoga and the moving meditation are becoming “smoother”. There is a certain fluidity coming into the motions. Also, I’m noticing less crackling in some of the joints. The breath is picking up easier, but it snowed last night and my nostrils were open from the beginning. If there is anything to […]

Meditation, Breath and the Ribcage

Interesting today. Got started about an hour late. Nabhi Kriya is getting more fluid in movement. The fine tuning, like CLOSING THE EYES (let alone focusing on the 3rd Eye…), checking the clock after 2 minutes KNOWING there’s 13 minutes to go, and the general babble from all joints and muscles actively participating in the […]

2 doing Laya Yoga – very nice

Since that last post about 10 days ago…there is alot in the body that is “announcing” their chronic problems. The little things are intriguing, why does the left ankle crack during laya yoga? Or the knee? I think the chair sitting life has raised the muscles and joints to a certain tenseness; a chiropractor would […]

meditation and the physical

Good morning, Am finding the immediacy of Laya Yoga. Because of the small movement, when sitting still, that spine can be all over the place. Started without the circular movement. Pull that Neck Lock! Pull it right and I know the muscles will learn to keep the rest of the spine in line. The throat […]

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