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Another chance this morning

Got back into it early. Getting the stuffy nose to open was the first thing. Fiddle with the clock when you just moved it. Even kept a light on so I wouldn’t fiddle with the clock and flashlight. Right. The muscles got into it much quicker. Even the 3rd Eye started letting my eyes roll […]

Rough One

Greets, Well, that little coffee escapade at 3:30 in the morning was quite something. Good thing it was Sunday. At 10am, crashed for 3 hours. Just disappeared. Didn’t even roll over. This morning showed the rest. Took 8 of the first 10 minutes to get the calf and thigh muscles loose. The breath rhythm stayed […]

The Nabhs on Coffee!!!

998 days until the End Time. Yup! Way ta go! Have a lovely fresh brewed cuppa and then go off and do your yoga! Then, see what you can see. For me, as far as concentration/focus? Splatter. I did the kriya beautifully. Every breath was full lung capacity. I remember thinking I was supposed to […]

Nabhi Kriya Day 2

Actually, I cheated. This is really the 3rd day. I started a day early. Nabhi Kriya isn’t hard; 0ther than keeping your mind in line for the long times of the set. If you want to learn to focus on your breath, this is a good way to start. Please note, one can practice Kundalini […]

1000 Days Until the End Time – Master Something!

Here’s the proposal: Today is Day #1 for starting a sadhana to end in 1000 days. December 21, 2012. IF the End Time is coming and IF the End of the World is coming and IF you want to master something before then…today is the day to start. 40 days to make or break a […]

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