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Breath Meditation

This meditation takes three to five minutes and is easy to do. It works with the breath to balance nervous energies. In this meditation the presure of the breath stimulates the brain and nervous system.  Taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Sat Kriya Yoga

Sat Kriya is used to pull energy up through the chakras. Use this yoga kriya to channel excessive sexual energy or generate creative energy. Remember to keep the chin tucked in neck lock. This video will easily guide you through the process. 

Snatam Kaur Liberation’s Door

Smiling Buddha or Jesus Kriya

Free Kundalini Yoga Class Video

This Kundalini Yoga class is for Prosperity. Kundalini Yoga – Prosperity from livenetworkstv yoga on Vimeo. Kundalini Yoga Class from Feb 18, 2009

Meditation- Essence of a Teacher

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